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‘I am absolutely disgusted with you’: Alan Jones takes Premier to task

Alan Jones has slammed Premier Gladys Berejiklian after she failed to turn up to a meeting for the owners of the structurally unsound Mascot Towers.

Engineers discovered structural cracks in the 10-year-old apartment complex last Friday night.

Residents were forced to find somewhere else to live after they were evacuated, with many of them not even allowed back inside to collect their belongings.

The owners met last night to decide whether they would foot the $1 million bill to repair the building, but the Premier was nowhere to be found.

Alan Jones says her failure to turn up was “a disgrace”.

“I am absolutely disgusted with you. There’s only one place you should’ve been last night, and that’s at that meeting for residents of the damaged Mascot Towers apartment block.

“If the Premier of NSW can’t be at a meeting and show a concern for the wellbeing of those people, then quite frankly, Gladys, you’re not the person you’re presenting yourself to the electorate as being.

“I find it just disgraceful. I’m ashamed.”

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The Alan Jones Breakfast Show understands no one from government was present at the meeting.

Alan invited the Premier to come on air and explain her absence but received no response.

He has has been told by Minister Kevin Anderson that both he and the Premier were caught up in a late Parliament sitting.

But a real estate agent who was at the meeting says they were told she couldn’t attend because she was at a toll meeting.

“This is a massive issue here and you should have been there,” says Alan.

“Those who supported you are ashamed of you on this issue.”

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