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How you can give ‘the gift of life’ this Jersey Day

Ray Hadley is encouraging everyone to wear a jersey today, Friday September 4, to raise awareness for organ donation.

Jersey Day is inspired by the story of 13-year-old Nathan Gremmo, who tragically lost his life in an accident in 2015.

Nathan became an organ donor, having already discussed his decision with his family before his untimely death.

Now, the Gremmo family advocates on behalf of their son, encouraging Australians to wear a jersey on September 4 to raise awareness about becoming an organ donor.

Nathan’s father, Michael Gremmo, was overcome with emotion as he told Ray Hadley how much it means to hear the stories of those whose lives were saved by organ donation.

“A dad came up and introduced his young son that was an organ recipient. Just fantastic to see that people are still living.

“The gift of life – what an amazing gift you can give.”

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