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How to talk to your kids about their online lives

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“We’re breeding a generation of addicts to their devices.”

The more time kids spend with their eyes locked to their screens, the more concern grows over what they’re up to, who they’re talking with and what they’re exposed to.

Chris Smith warns cyber bullies and online predators aren’t just a reality, they’re dangerous.

But how do parents have a conversation with their kids to ensure they’re being honest?

Director of Armchair Psychology Amanda Gordon tells Chris you have to make it an everyday conversation.

“You make it part of life and you have the conversation.

“The only way you’re going to find out is if you have good open conversations with your kids throughout their lives, about everything.”

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Chris also speaks with Renan, a university student studying education.

“We cannot police this issue.

“They’re talking about using smartphones as an educational tool.

“In theory, it all sounds really good, but in practice, it just goes downhill.”