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How parents can help their kids struggling in a world of social media

“When we were young, the biggest issue we dealt with was what we had for lunch,” says Chris Smith.

But for kids these days, it’s quite a different story.

Social media, smartphones and a whole heap of social pressures have brought all sorts of problems, from cyberbullying to body issues.

We’re also hearing more and more tragic stories of young teens taking their lives.

“As parents, we can feel absolute hopeless at times because sometimes we’ve got no idea about the personal struggles, what’s really going on, in our children’s minds, ” says Chris.

34-year-old motivational speaker Daniel Merza has had one hell of a life.

After facing years of relentless bullying and going through the toughest of mental health battles, he’s beaten the odds and is sharing his story so other kids can overcome their own struggles.

He tells Chris social media has “definitely” impacted society.

“There’s an additional layer of pressure on our children today with obviously the availability and accessibility of social media.

“But in saying so, social media has also provided some positive benefits for us as a community in helping us connect with people from around the world.”

Daniel has just released his new book, The Monkey Off Your Back which sifts through the struggles facing young people today.

“The whole idea of the monkey is a metaphor for the thing that’s holding you back.”

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