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‘How is that justice?’: Renae Marsden’s parents’ plea to the community

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The parents of Sydney woman Renae Marsden, who was catfished by her friend, are fighting for catfishing to be made illegal.

Renae Marsden took her own life in 2013 after an SMS relationship with a fake persona ended.

The 20-year-old was in an 18-month-long relationship with a man named Brayden Spiteri, who was supposedly in prison. But during the coronial inquest into Marsden’s death it turned out “Brayden” was, in fact, an alias created by Renae’s ‘friend’ Camilla.

However, the coroner stopped short of outlawing catfishing but did recommend a further investigation.

Renae’s parents, Teresa and Mark Marsden, have told Deborah Knight something needs to be done.

“It’s got to be up there with the most repugnant example of human behaviour.

“To have her turn up at the coroner’s court and lie her way through… there was no remorse… it was worse than when we found out that Renae had gone missing six or seven years ago.

“If catfishing… if the community can sit back and say that ‘we accept it and we’re not going to make it a criminal offence’, then I gotta say to you, we’re lost on it.

“I mean, Deborah, we don’t even have Renae, we don’t have her body, we have nothing, yet Camilla has walked away scot-free. She shops in the same shops as us. How is that justice?”

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