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‘How did he get this time off’: Derryn Hinch weighs in on Barnaby Joyce ‘disgrace’

Senator Derryn Hinch has weighed in on the controversy surrounding Barnaby Joyce and has made his thoughts on the former deputy prime minister’s actions clear.

“For him and Vikki Campion to go and take $150,000 from Sunday Night is a disgrace,” Senator Hinch tells Ben Fordham.

Barnaby and his partner Vikki have been embroiled in backlash since they agreed to a tell-all interview with Channel Seven about their relationship.

In the wake of this, it was reported Barnaby was taking 11 week’s personal leave.

He has since said he only plans on taking a fortnight off.

Regardless, Hinch is questioning how Joyce can be eligible for taxpayer-funded personal leave.

“He got double the money that a backbencher gets for all those months while he was illegally there representing the country as acting Prime Minister.”

Derryn says the former deputy PM has only been in office for five or six months since the by-election in New England.

“So how can he get this time off?”

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