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How André Rieu’s son won him over with COVID compromise

Fans of violin virtuoso André Rieu have been given something to look forward to despite the pandemic.

André Rieu’s Magical Maastricht, a hand-selected highlight reel of Mr Rieu’s hometown concerts, will have a limited two-week run in selected cinemas next month.

However, it took the successful classical musician a while to come around to the idea of a cinema screening, he revealed to Deborah Knight.

“Everything that makes my concert beautiful … is not allowed now in the COVID period: dancing, standing up, hugging, kissing, singing.

“I remember very well when Pierre, my son came with the idea, ‘Father we are going to do your concerts in cinemas’, [I said] ‘Cinemas?! That will not work!’

“And I hear the most fantastic stories about the cinemas – the people are standing up, and clapping and dancing, exactly as in the square.”

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