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Philip Ruddock vows to fight ‘inappropriate’ development at Dural

Hornsby Mayor Philip Ruddock is vowing to fight plans for an aged-care home in Sydney’s north-west, saying he won’t have unique rural areas undermined by “inappropriate” development.

An application has been lodged to build 146 independent living units and 74 aged-care beds on Quarry Road and Vineys Lane at Dural.

Ray Hadley received an email from a concerned resident who says the build is “crazy” and “must be stopped”.

She’s appealing for Ray to intervene after he successfully campaigned to get a similar development blocked.

Mayor Ruddock tells Ray he’s in favour of development but says it has to be in the right places and planned properly.

He says, in this case, the large residential block would be “inappropriate” considering the area is “essentially rural” and far away from transport.

Mr Ruddock says he’ll take the issue to NSW Planning Minister Anthony Roberts.

“I want to get change because I don’t want to see it occur elsewhere.

“And if it is possible to get the site compatibility certificate revoked, I will press that on the Minister as well.”

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NSW Planning Minister Anthony Roberts tells Ray Hadley this development doesn’t pass the “common sense test”.

Mr Roberts says the state government supports the building of aged-care facilities but it has to be in “appropriate” locations.

This development, he says, isn’t supported by infrastructure and is also “out of character”.

“This sort of creep is not appropriate, it’s poor planning and it just fails the common sense test.”

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