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Honey giant questions testing methods, denies ‘fake honey’ claims

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Australia’s biggest honey producer is flatly denying claims they’re selling “fake honey”, questioning the validity of the test that was used to query the purity of its products.

A lab, based in Europe, tested honey samples from Australian supermarkets including Coles, Woolworths, ALDI and IGA.

An independent report released today has shown 12 out of the 28 brands of the honey tested have potentially been “adulterated”, meaning they’re mixed with something other than bee nectar.

The purity of the well known Capilano Allowrie-branded Mixed Blossom Honey was questioned, a product that’s marketed as 100 per cent honey.

Capilano CEO Dr Ben McKee is rejecting claims his company’s product isn’t pure and is questioning the validity of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) testing method that was used.

“It’s not used by regulatory authorities in Australia, the UK and the EU to test and enforce adulteration compliance because, quite simply, there’s inconsistencies in these tests,” he tells Ross Greenwood.

Dr McKee admits the company imports honey from China and Argentina but stresses that all imported batches are vigorously tested.

“Every batch that’s imported is tested for very specific carbon analysis… which is to identify these adulterants.”

He says Australian consumers should be confident that Capilano’s products are pure.

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