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NSW’s bid to become ‘world leaders’ with historic education shake up

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A “de-cluttering” of subjects and a shift back to the basics in the early years are included in the “biggest shake-up” to the NSW school curriculum in three decades.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the purpose of the curriculum overhaul is to improve standards across the board.

It comes after a review conducted by Professor Geoff Masters who reported the curriculum was of a “crowded nature”.

She said the major reform, including a focus on English, Maths and Science will be implemented by 2024, which was an “ambitious” timeframe.

Education Minister Sarah Mitchell said it was important to give NSW students a good grounding for their future learning.

“This really is an historic day for education in NSW because the reforms we are announcing are all about changing the lives of the students both now and into the future,” she said.

“We know we need to declutter the curriculum there was almost universal support from teachers on this, knowing there is too much content to get through.

“We are also having the back to basics focus particularly in the early years of school.”

She told Deborah Knight the review highlighted the need to teach children the basics from an early age, and while the education system was great, there were improvements needed.

“Let’s turbo charge it and become world leaders,” she said.

She admitted it would be a challenge to implement “untimed learning” where kids learn at their own pace.

One of the recommendations was to review the ATAR system, she said it was “outside the scope” of their work.

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