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High school boys rescue seven children from dangerous rip

A group of high school students are being commended for their bravery after they rescued a group of children from a dangerous rip.

Last weekend four Year 10 boys from St Joseph’s College were at Newport Beach with their Junior Rugby Club for pre-season training on the sand.

Following their training session, seven of the club’s under-10 boys went into the water and became caught in a dangerous current.

This is when the 16-year-old students sprung into action.

Archie, Finn, Atticus, and Harry joined Ben Fordham in the 2GB studio and told him initially two fathers went in to help but got into trouble themselves.

“They get in and I think they just didn’t have the swimming strength,” Atticus tells Ben.

“So I thought I’ve had a bit of training with water polo and we just did our Bronze Medallions at school last week so we knew the skills.

“I hopped in and got five or six of the boys out… I pushed them in and used the waves to help me.”

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