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‘He’s slammed the door in my face’: Government cut ties with farmer caught up in red tape

You’d think in light of the worst drought of the century, government would make life as easy as possible for our farmers.

But there’s legislation standing in the way of these struggling families.

Last year, the NSW Government passed legislation to make it easier for farmers to clear vegetation on their own land.

But there’s a problem.

The laws help everyone in the state, except those in the Greater Sydney area.

Frustrated farmer Martin Tebutt lives on a small property in Bilpin, just outside of Sydney.

He wants to clear some shrub and repair a fence, but he’s being told to put in a development application.

He’s reached out to Ben Fordham for help, after countless attempts to contact the Deputy Premier John Barilaro and Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair.

Both have told Martin unless new information is provided, they’ll no longer respond to his correspondence.

“It’s absolutely absurd,” he tells Ben.

“Last year a number of NSW Ministers made a very, very clear promise. They’ve misled us and now they’re being dishonourable.

“To make it worse, they will not even talk to me.”

“[John Barilaro has] slammed the door in my face. I can’t even get to the door.”

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After hearing Martin’s story, Niall Blair phoned into Sydney Live.

He’d vowed to step in and help resolve Martin’s case.

“We’re willing to make sure our agencies continue to work with Mr Tebutt.

“If it’s routine practice like clearing a fence then we think that common sense should be able to prevail.”

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