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He’s been elected… now Mark Latham has a plan for Sydney’s nightlife

Newly elected state politician Mark Latham is calling for the Premier to “ease” the state’s controversial lockout laws.

The NSW One Nation leader will take his place on the Upper House crossbench and is keen to make an immediate impact.

He could be joined by Keep Sydney Open candidate Tyson Koh whose entire platform is to undo the lockout laws.

Mr Latham tells Ben Fordham he’s in favour of the plan.

“I think they should be eased.

“I’m not in favour of places welcoming clientele all night long and staying open ’til dawn but I think the current restrictions around 1.30am are too tight.

“You could ease them out to something more reasonable and restore Sydney’s reputation.”

But Mr Latham has warned other potential crossbenchers Tyson Koh and David Lyonhjelm to be careful before claiming electoral victory.

Only a quarter of upper house votes have been counted with another 10 days to go.

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