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Hell hole or island paradise – the truth behind Manus Island

Image: Facebook post by Walid Zazai

A new book Manus Days – The Untold Story of Manus Island has revealed a new side to the controversial island and its detention centre.

Michael Coates worked as a Safety & Security Advisor at the Manus Island Regional Processing Centre for more than two and a half years and has now shared his perspective on what conditions are really like.

The ex-soldier found himself at the epicentre of Operation Sovereign Borders based in a place few have been but everybody has an opinion.

Michael joined Steve Price, describing the life ‘asylum seekers’ are actually living on the island.

“My biggest experience I talk about were the more troublesome characters there and a lot of them being Iranians from the middle class they, they were actually quite wealthy.

“With a lot of them, it was more a case of escaping the consequences of their own actions. A lot of the time they were fleeing drug dealers or gambling debts they owed money to.”

“I wouldn’t call them inmates for a start, we call them transferees. Inmates implies they were imprisoned and locked up and it’s honestly not the case.

“There was no real control of their day to day movements.”

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