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Healthy Harold to receive a makeover after almost 40 years

Healthy Harold has been the face of kids’ health and safety for 38 years.

But don’t worry, Life Education NSW CEO Kellie Sloane stresses, “the van is not going anywhere”.

She tells Chris Smith there are certain areas where the van is just not practical, such as inner-city schools where parking might be limited, or rural and outback areas which are difficult to reach.

So instead of the traditional van, an inflatable classroom will be used.

“These are the building blocks of life that we’re teaching.

“We really feel that we’re a must-have, not a nice-to-have.

“But what we’ve realised is there are some schools we simply can’t get to with these vans.”

She tells Chris the inflatable classrooms will look like a giant black igloo.

“They just give us that agility to really make sure no one misses out.”

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