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Heading out for NYE? Here’s what you need to know

Chris Smith

Some party-goers are already staking out their spots around Sydney Harbour for tonight’s fireworks spectacular, to ring in the New Year.

Eight and a half tonnes of fireworks will feature in tonight’s display where the theme is ‘The Pulse of Sydney’.

Fortunato Fotiis the man and the mind behind the much-anticipated firework display.

He spends months planning the biggest night of the year and tells Warren Moore what’s in store.

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Crowds are being urged to plan ahead and take public transport due to special event clearways and road closures.

The Transport Management Centre’s Dave Wright tells Chris Smith the Cahill Expressway will close in both directions around Circular Quay from 11am.

“Then, of course, we have a second phase of Cahil Expressway which means lanes seven and eight of the Harbour Bridge will close from 1pm.

“Then we’ll see another staggering lot of road closures kick [off]… from 2 o’clock, around North Sydney from 5 o’clock.”

Extra trains and buses will begin operating from 2pm this afternoon.

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NSW Acting Deputy Commissioner Mark Walton is advising those heading into the city to heed the directions of authorities.

“It’s sensible to come in early and come in on public transport,” he tells Deborah Knight.

“Most importantly, obey any advice [and] directions by security and police. We’re trying to get people in and out of these zones safely.”

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Chris Smith