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‘He doesn’t have a political bone in his body’: Dutton unleashes on Turnbull

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has sprayed Malcolm Turnbull, four months after the former prime minister was turfed.

Mr Dutton unleashed on Mr Turnbull, telling Brisbane’s Sunday Mail the nation’s former leader “doesn’t have a political bone in his body” and was responsible for his own downfall.

“Malcolm had a plan to become Prime Minister but no plan to be Prime Minister,” the Federal Home Affairs Minister said.

He also took aim at Mr Turnbull for his lack of action during the crucial Wentworth by-election, which the Liberals lost.

“Walking away from (his seat of) Wentworth and not working to have (Liberal Wentworth candidate) Dave Sharma elected was worse than any behaviour we saw even under (former Labor prime minister Kevin) Rudd.”

Liberal MP Craig Kelly says it’s “fair enough” for Mr Dutton to give his view.

“There’s also things we can learn from the past as well,” he tells Warren Moore.

“One of the mistakes that Malcolm made in the previous election… was not being aggressive enough to Labor’s lie.

“When Labor came up with that ‘Mediscare’ campaign, on the ground all of us were seeing the results of it.

“The ex-prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, he should have been going very hard, calling that out… and being stronger on it.

“He didn’t. I think Malcolm would admit that was a mistake. We’ve got to learn from that mistake.”

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