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‘He was bigger than politics’: Scott Morrison pays tribute to the late prime minister

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is in his final day of campaigning, but he has made time to remember former Labor prime minister Bob Hawke.

The former Australian prime minister passed away on Thursday at the age of 89.

Scott Morrison tells Ben Fordham all Australians could appreciate what Bob Hawke did.

“We raised a glass to Bob.

“He was just someone everybody could connect to, he was bigger than politics.”

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Mr Carr, the longest-serving Labor premier of NSW, tells Ben he was notified of the news via text.

“It brought a lot of memories coming back, as I think it did for very many Australians.”

He recalls a specific conference the pair attended together after they retired from politics.

“We were sitting at a table with a retired US congressman… he was a supporter of the Iraq war… and supporter of George W Bush, and Hawke ripped into him.

“Beyond all the constraints of politeness and cordiality, he told him what he thought of his president. He told him what he thought of the disastrous invasion of Iraq.

“But it wasn’t rudeness, it reflected Hawke’s love of argument.”

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