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Halt on COVID-19 vaccine trial not yet cause for alarm

Late stage human trials of a potential COVID-19 vaccine being developed at Oxford University have been put on hold after a patient became sick.

Phase 3 of the AstraZeneca trials were underway in the US and UK.

The federal government has signed a deal to bring the vaccine to Australia, if it’s successful.

Macfarlane Burnet Institute CEO Professor Brendan Crabb told Jim Wilson the halt isn’t cause for alarm at this stage.

“[This is] really common, when it gets to this stage,” he said.

“This is, in the end, is comforting I hope.

“If there’s any concern out there for the general public who aren’t used to watching drugs and vaccines being developed in real time, or worried safety will be compromised, it won’t be  compromised.”

He said it is most likely the trial will be paused for a matter of days, and it remains unclear if the patient received the vaccine or a placebo.

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