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Gun-toting trio say sorry to victims after targeting wrong home

2GB News

Three men who broke into a house in Sydney’s west, one armed with a gun, apologised to the terrified family before fleeing.

The trio stormed the Lethbridge Park home before realising they had targeted the wrong property at 10.40pm last night.

Police say they approached a 29-year-old man in the home before fleeing in a Toyota hatchback.

A woman and two children were also home at the time, but were uninjured.

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Tickner said it was a strange outcome.

“It’s very unusual for the criminals to realise they have made a mistake there, [they’ve] apologised and left straight away,” he said.

“Good result for the victims in the house there, and the fact that they didn’t carry on and do anything more serious.”


Image: Getty