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Groups using government funding to spread Islamic radicalisation

Every government in the country claims to be doing something to reduce radicalisation in the Islamic community.

But Mark Latham says organisations in Sydney’s west are using government sources to support political ranting against Australia.

Mr Latham tells Ben about a video he was sent of a Bankstown Poetry Slam where one poet was reciting a piece called ‘F Pauline Hanson’.

“Surely we haven’t got five government organisations funding this. [I thought] it’s a one-off hate session on an Australia senator.

“Then I went to the YouTube channel and looked at dozens of videos… there were attacks on police, Australia soldiers.

“One guy mocked the laying of ANZAC wreaths and the crowd erupted with approval.

“It was a real hate session on our culture.”

Mark explains to Ben once he posted the videos to his Facebook page, they were suddenly deleted from the YouTube account.

“Here’s the University of Western Sydney, the Bankstown council, the Australian Council for the Arts and a leadership mob in western Sydney, funding political ranting against Australia in front of a mainly young Islamic audience in Bankstown.

“We’re funding something that could potentially be radicalisation.”

Listen to the full interview below

Watch one of the videos Mark managed to record before being deleted off the group’s YouTube