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Greyhound industry being ‘policed out of existence’

The greyhound industry is close to being policed out of existence, according to One Nation’s Mark Latham. 

After former premier Mike Baird famously backflipped on his greyhound racing ban, the Greyhounds Welfare and Integrity Commission was established to clean up the industry.

But Ray Hadley, who fought tooth and nail for the ban to be overturned, has now received evidence the commission is acting maliciously.

NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham tells Ray the commission is close to policing the industry out of existence.

“I think they’re out of control.

“Many good people are leaving the greyhound industry feeling like it’s become a police state, that the regulations and inspections are way over the top.

“They should have stewards and inspectors under the control of Greyhound Racing NSW. One body, one jurisdiction, just as you find in the other racing sectors.”

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