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Greta resident relives terrifying moment a bushfire arrived on his doorstep

John Brittin narrowly escaped as a bushfire bore down on his home in the NSW Hunter region.

Firefighters saved Mr Brittin’s property yesterday when the flames reached his fence line, but the fire in Greta has since flared up again.

“It was looking good ‘til about 12 o’clock,” Mr Brittin tells Steve Price.

“The wind picked up, and about 200 metres away the trees are on fire again.”

Mr Brittin and his wife returned to their home after the first scare, but they remain on edge, ready to leave again at a moment’s notice.

“We thought it was over yesterday, there’s still a way to go, I think,” he tells Steve.

Drought has crippled the region, and the dry conditions have exacerbated the fire danger. Mr Brittin says the dams on his property haven’t seen rain in six months.

“The average beach probably has more dirt, more green grass on it.

“We’re not unloading [the cars] until we get the rain.”

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Image: NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment