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Greg Page’s star-studded extravaganza sets out to save lives

Time is running out to register for Greg Page’s nationwide CPR training mission, which kicks off at 7pm this Saturday.

The original yellow Wiggle has taken up CPR education as his mission after surviving a heart attack at a bushfire relief concert earlier this year.

His not-for-profit, Heart of The Nation, is running a free virtual class on September 19 with the goal of breaking the world record for most people simultaneously trained in CPR and defibrillation.

“We’re making this an entertainment experience that is also an educational one,” Mr Page told Ray Hadley.

“It’s a half-hour entertainment extravaganza … so there’ll be songs that are CPR-tempo songs, and we’ve got some great guests joining us.

“In fact, I’m going to be revealing my own song that I’ve written for kids to learn CPR.”

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For more details and to sign up for the Heart of the Neighbourhood challenge, click HERE.