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Greens leader demands Australia Day change

With Australia Day just around the corner, the Greens have increased their ‘change the date’ push. 

Greens leader Senator Richard Di Natale tells Chris Kenny Australia Day represents a day of dispossession for Indigenous Australians.

“Chris, I’m listening to the voices of so many Aboriginal people who are saying this is a not a day we want to celebrate.

“What we’re striving for is a day that allows us to acknowledge the original act of dispossession and theft that lead to genocide and families being torn apart.

“I don’t think we lose anything by changing the day.”

When asked whether his actions to change the date are causing division, Senator Di Natale hit back.

“The nation is already divided over this, that’s the thing you’re failing to acknowledge.

“This is already a day that divides the nation.”

Bess Price, Aboriginal activist and politician, disagrees and says Di Natale is creating disunity.

“Richard Di Natale, he’s way off course. It’s wrong that people like him create these divisions.

“For the people who think they’ll be offended why don’t you celebrate another time?”

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