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Greens MP trivialises Holocaust in ‘sickening, odious’ Facebook post

Greens MP Tamara Smith has been accused of trivialising the Holocaust after comparing the US to Nazi Germany in a Facebook post.

Ray Hadley has slammed Ms Smith for the “highly offensive” post (see below), saying she should know better as a high school teacher.

“The first thing you know when you’re a high school teacher is that you do a bit of research before you start doing things like this.

“Those from the left cling to this belief that when they want to make a point they trot out these horrid pictures of people on their way to the death chamber, the gas chamber, it just angers me that they don’t think about the impact.”

NSW Jewish Board of Deputies CEO Vic Alhadeff, whose grandparents died in the Holocaust, has condemned the post.

He tells Ray it’s a “sickening, odious comparison” which is “completely unsubstantiated”.

“People simply say history repeats itself and it’s a very trite phrase but it’s actually meaningless.

“On a superficial level, you can say there’s another war, there’s another genocide. But the minute you unpack the details, within nanoseconds, you’ll see that circumstances are different… everything is different.

“People who Nazi Germans put behind barbed wire were put there to be murdered so to make such a comparison is offensive to people who are running the United States, it’s offensive to people who suffered in the Holocaust.”

Mr Alhadeff says for Ms Smith to draw the comparison “shows an absolute lack of knowledge”.

“This should not come from out of our elected members of Parliament who should seriously know better.”

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