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Graham Annesley not concerned about early NRL blowouts

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The NRL’s Head of Football (Elite Competitions) Graham Annesley says he’s not concerned about multiple blowouts in NRL games to restart the season.

It comes after the NRL introduced the six-again rule and went back to one referee for the remainder of the season following the COVID-19 shut-down.

In the opening 11 games to restart the season under the new rules, five games have seen teams win by 26 points or more.

Annesley told The Continuous Call Team both teams are playing by the same rules and have to adapt to them.

“I wouldn’t say I’m concerned about it at the moment,” Annesley said.

“I think it’ll take a few weeks to see if any patterns start emerging.

“Clearly we have had a few blowouts but the one thing I would say about the new rules is there is nothing in the new rules that stops anyone from tackling or from competing.

“If they get an even share of the ball, the rules apply equally to both teams.

“It’s a matter of how they adapt to that.”

Round four continues on Saturday evening with the Eels taking on Manly and the Cowboys hosting Cronulla.


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