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Government urged to act fast to find missing Australians

A Queensland MP has joined calls for the Australian government to intervene in the search for two Australians missing off the coast of Japan.

Japan’s Coast Guard has suspended its full-time search for the 40 missing sailors after a week of searching.

Australians Lukas Orda and Will Mainprize are among those unaccounted for.

QLD MP Robbie Katter told Ray Hadley the government needs to try harder to intervene.

“There’s a possibility there’s some Australian boys out there waiting in a life raft for people to come and we gave up on them.

“I just don’t understand it, mate.

“I think we owe those Aussie boys a bit more than seven days of searching.”

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Will’s brother, Tom Mainprize, told Ray he understands it’s a delicate process for the government.

“They can’t make too much noise about it but they’re working through the diplomatic process.”

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Image: Nine News