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Government to target hoarders ‘slipping through the cracks’

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The Local Government Minister says she’ll look at giving councils more power to stop hoarders keeping piles of junk on their properties.

Councils across Sydney say they’re spending tens of thousands of dollars a week cleaning up hoarder properties.

Parramatta Council is spending up to $50,000 in ratepayers’ money to clean up these houses.

Currently, councils are only allowed to forcibly remove rubbish if it “is causing or is likely to cause a threat to public health or the health of any individual”.

NSW Local Government Minister Shelley Hancock told Alan Jones they’re reviewing the legislation.

“Councils are saying to us ‘strengthen the legislation’.

“There’s provision now in the act for councils to take action, but people are slipping through the cracks.

“Often these are complex mental health issues. These people don’t regard this stuff in their front yard as junk, to them it’s treasured, it’s their treasure.”

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