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Government refusing to fund desperately needed MND research, says MP

The NSW government is refusing to fund a study that aims to discover why there are shockingly high rates of motor neurone disease (MND) in rural areas.

Researchers are currently uncertain as to why those who live in rural areas have disproportionately higher rates of the disease, but are unable to complete the research due to a lack of funding.

In Griffith, rates of MND are seven times higher than the national average.

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers MP Helen Dalton says she believes it could be related to dirty water and blue-green algae blooms.

But she says she can’t understand why the government won’t fund the $2 million desperately needed to complete the study.

“I’d probably blame the entire government. I’m not sure who’s cut the funding but it’s certainly needed and it’s quite alarming what’s happening out in the bush.”

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