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Government must tap brakes on immigration to help cities catch up, expert says

Population growth and immigration levels always stir up a fiery debate.

A recent report by the Treasury and Department of Home Affairs suggests migration is boosting our economy.

It found skilled migrants were lifting the standard of living, increasing productivity and raising the work participation rate.

But as Chris Smith points out, it doesn’t take into account how difficult it is to operate in cities that don’t cater for larger populations.

The data doesn’t measure missing out on medical treatment because of long queues or increased peak hour periods because more people are on the road.

Grattan Institute CEO John Daley says the federal government should consider tapping the brakes on immigration levels to allow public infrastructure and housing catch up.

“If we do get around to changing out planning systems… building the right kind of infrastructure, then we probably can accommodate this kind of population growth.

“But we haven’t.”

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