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‘Government has to step in’: Premier admits it’s time to act on dodgy buildings

In studio with Alan Jones

The Premier admits her “government has to step in” over the recent spate of apartment building problems across Sydney.

But, Ms Berejiklian says it’s industry-wide action that is needed and is refusing to compensate unit owners.

Three buildings have been evacuated due to cracking, sinking, and fire and water hazards.

Renters are being helped out but owners are facing financial ruin.

Ms Berejiklian says the government is working on legislation to close a gap in current regulation.

“Government, over the course of more than a decade or two decades, has given the industry the opportunity to self-regulate itself and it hasn’t worked.

“And now, government has to step in.”

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Premier Berejiklian also spoke about the new M4 Tunnels, admitting she’s received mixed feedback.

The twin Tunnels between Homebush and Haberfield are designed to halve the amount of traffic on Parramatta Road.

But the tolls – almost $8 for cars and more than $23 for trucks – are being called exorbitant.

Ms Berejiklian tells Alan people who don’t want to pay can still use Parramatta Road for free.

In studio with Alan Jones