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Good Tucker: Tequila! The secret behind the ‘lip, sip and suck’

Fresh from the world’s biggest spirit show, Stu Gregor joins Chris Smith in the studio with a whole range of tequila.

He tells Chris gin and tequila are now the fastest growing spirits in the world.

Stu also shares the reason why we “lip, sip and suck” with tequila.

“The reason for that was…. because the mezcal, the cheap tequilas they were producing around the world… basically they wanted to try and mask the flavours of tequila.

“So it’s a very clever way for the dodgy tequila producers to produce any old crap they what to.”

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Bar Patron head barman Ryan Gavin also joins Chris in the studio.

He tells him the bar is completely dedicated to tequila, with one particularly shot costing $900.