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GetUp! backs white supremacist and convicted criminal over LNP

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Queensland unions and GetUp! have joined forces, calling for a neo-Nazi to get a vote ahead of LNP candidate Trevor Ruthenberg in Queensland’s Longman by-election.

The Australian reports the activist group is urging voters to put Mr Ruthenberg last on their voting ballot if they’re worried about the government’s company tax cuts, despite this placing Australia First candidate Dr Jim Saleam ahead.

Dr Saleam has a history of involvement in the extreme-right, founding the militant white supremacist group “National Action” in the 1980s.

He’s also a convicted criminal, jailed in the ’90s for being involved in an attack on African National Congress representative Eddie Funde’s home.

A GetUp! spokeswoman has told The Australian they condemn Dr Saleam’s “extreme positions” but a “strong message” needs to be sent to the Coalition about their corporate tax cuts.

Chris Smith has slammed the organisation for their staggering hypocrisy.

“GetUp! would rather you go out and vote for this bloke, extreme right… than support Trevor Ruthenberg. Because Trevor Ruthenberg, if he’s elected, will lead to the displacement of Bill Shorten.

“I couldn’t think of a better outcome, can you?”

GetUp! activists aren’t the only ones advocating for Mr Ruthenberg to get the lowest preference on the ballot paper, with the Queensland Council of Unions taking a similar stance.

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