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Are gender quotas the answer? Bronwyn Bishop doesn’t think so

Prime Minister Scott Morrison admits we need to encourage more women in parliament, but denies gender quotas is the way to do it.

The Liberal party is now facing another internal war following the Liberal frontrunner, Andrew Bragg, pulling out of his run for the seat of Wentworth claiming he is making way for a female candidate.

Despite Mr Morrison ruling out introducing female gender quotas, former minister Craig Laundy has since come out as a supporter of the idea saying without a quota system the Liberals won’t adequately increase female representation.

It is clearly a divisive topic within the Liberal party.

Former Liberal party speaker  Bronwyn Bishop tells Ben Fordham she is definitely not a fan of gender quotas.

Ms Bronwyn believes we already have “very, very strong women… in the parliament who come from a whole variety of backgrounds”.

The best way to encourage more women into parliament is to “get rid of factional politics,” she says.

“Because bluntly it’s the left-wing faction that dominates, particularly in NSW, and they’re only interested in having women who they can dominate and own.

“And the thing that I want to stress more and more is that you go into parliament to be a servant of the people.”

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