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‘Get on with it!’: Ray Hadley fires up over council madness

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Ray Hadley has fired up over a case of council “bureaucracy” ahead of the return of community sport across the state.

In an email seen by Ray, Southern Highlands community sports clubs were advised by Wingecarribee Shire Council sporting grounds and facilities couldn’t open until the lifting of restrictions were “officially gazetted” by the state government.

Ray said it was a roadblock and labelled it “infuriating”.

“If you want to have board meetings down there at Wingecarribee council over getting little kids back on the sporting fields as of July 1, good,” he said.

“In the meantime, get out of the way of progress.

“Get your grounds open and get ready for the kids to get involved in sport.

“I have had a gutful of the bureaucrats in various councils, including this one, who stand in the way of getting things back, semi-normal.

“Get on with it!”

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Later in the show, Ray revealed they had spoken to Mayor Duncan Gaire, who said they were following government guidelines.

But Ray confirmed the council had outdated information.

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