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‘Game changer’ medical gas installation bill passes parliament

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A bill for medical gas installation has passed parliament to ensure safe installation in hospitals.

In 2016 at Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital nitrous oxide was confused for oxygen and administered to two newborns. John Ghanem died, and Amelia Khan was left with lifelong brain damage after the mix-up.

Better Regulation Minister Kevin Anderson had previously promised to use changes to existing laws to require those installing medical gas to be licensed, but Labor was pushing a bill to solve the problem.

NSW Labor MP Mark Buttigieg told Deborah Knight they’ve now come together to push a bill through.

He said the industry has six months to prepare.

“We’ve now got a bill which actually is a gamechanger in that industry.

“We’ll now have safe, regulated, licenced and fully qualified installation of medical gas.”

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