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Former Trump adviser says no laws can stop another massacre

Following the tragic shooting massacre at a Florida high school on February 14, action is finally being taken on gun violence in America.

United and Delta Airlines have cut ties with the powerful National Rifle Association (NRA) and sports retail giant, Dick’s Sporting Goods, has also removed all assault-style rifles from its stores.

President Donald Trump has even suggested arming teachers with guns.

Sebastian Gorka, former advisor to the Trump administration, tells Ben Fordham another massacre won’t be prevented.

“I think the real issue here is a mental health issue.

“There is no law that will prevent another massacre of this type happening. There’re already more than 300 million weapons in America, you’re never going to confiscate them.

“Australia is not a model for a country that has the second amendment.”

Mr Gorka says more Americans are moving to join the NRA following the Florida shooting.

“The NRA’s membership website has crashed… so many people who never were NRA members are joining.”

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Australia is cracking down harder on gun control, holding the largest gun amnesty since 1996 between June and September last year.

Law Enforcement Minister Angus Taylor tells Ben Fordham they collected 57,000 guns which was a “very good result”.

“It was really a result of the goodwill of Australians towards our gun laws.

“We’re trying to avoid guns getting in the hands of criminals. We know that many of the crimes, murders and attempted murders, involve firearms.”

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