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Former Queensland Premier calls for national euthanasia

Peter Beattie, Queensland’s former Premier, says the nation needs to agree on voluntary euthanasia.

Mr Beattie tells Steve Price states are failing to come together on complex issues that affect all Australians.

“You need to have a national approach to this. This is one of the failures I think of Federation…when it comes to these very emotive and difficult issues, we often don’t get it right.

“You really can’t have one state going it alone.”

Mr Beattie admits he was once opposed to assisted dying but has changed his mind following his retirement from politics.

“As I get older, I see friends and relatives who have gone through the pain of dying and I guess, in the end, my view has shifted.

“I believe we should have a dignity in life but also a dignity in death.

“I’d like the person involved who’s suffering the pain, provided they’ve got the mental capacity to make the decision, I’d like them to be able to at least have the choice.”

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