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Former Queensland Nickel worker welcomes freezing of Clive Palmer’s assets

A former Queensland Nickel worker is celebrating the Brisbane Supreme Court’s decision to freeze over $200 million of Clive Palmer’s assets.

Queensland Nickel liquidators are attempting to recover millions after Palmer’s North Queensland refinery collapsed in 2016.

Over 800 people lost their jobs and taxpayers forked out $70 million to pay the sacked workers.

Just this week, Palmer reclaimed the title of Queensland’s richest man.

A former Queensland Nickel employee Sam Larkins is welcoming the Court’s decision, saying it’s the “best news” she’s heard in a long time.

“It’s just the same attitude that he’s had the whole way through, that he’s not responsible at all for what happened.”

Sam says the refinery’s closure has had a lasting impact on the Townsville community and some still haven’t recovered.

“A lot of people have left Townsville looking for work. A lot of people still don’t have work.

“People have just never caught up financially. It’s been horrendous.”

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