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Former homicide detective still haunted by William Tyrrell case

Gary Jubelin, former lead detective in the William Tyrrell investigation, has revealed to Ben Fordham the extent to which the unsolved disappearance still weighs on his mind.

“I think about him every day,” Mr Jubelin told Ben.

“I don’t say that in a negative way, or an obsessive way … Everyone could identify with [the case].

“That’s why people want answers.”

Mr Jubelin was fined and convicted earlier this month for illegally recording person of interest Paul Savage, but maintains he had a good reason to do so, believing he could record the conversation to protect his legal interests.

“I make no apologies for that whatsoever. I have passion with perspective.”

Since leaving the force, Mr Jubelin has become a reporter and podcaster, airing behind-the-scenes details of the investigations that most affected him in the ‘I Catch Killers’ podcast.

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Image: NSW Police, Getty Images/Don Arnold