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Former District Court Judge slams ball tampering punishments

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Former District Court Judge Paul Conlon believes Cricket Australia has butchered the punishments of the ball tampering trio.

Mr Conlon spent more than 30 years in the judicial system, becoming one of the most respected judges on the bench for his common sense approach to sentencing.

He’s also extremely experienced in dishing out sporting punishments, having acted as NRL Judiciary Chairman until 2014.

Judge Conlon is a cricket tragic and tells Alan Jones Cricket Australia has rushed its judgement.

“My concern is really in respect to the process, because major sporting organisations, when dealing with player misconduct, must have in place a process in regards to basic principles of fairness.

“It’s difficult to understand the haste of this particular decision.

“I would have thought sensible sporting administrators would have allowed the dust to settle, the emotion and, in some quarters, the hysteria to subside.

“Important decisions affecting the players’ livelihood and future, they should only ever be made in an atmosphere of calm and objectivity.

“Cricket Australia, by pulling the trigger, could be considered in my view as really taking away from the fairness of any process that should have been implemented.

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