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Former BHP chairman launches fightback against renewable energy ‘madness’

Former BHP chairman Jerry Ellis has formed a new lobby group to highlight the huge costs and “unproven benefits” of renewable energy policies.

The Saltbush Club has been launched with 200 founding members, including scientists, mayors, company directors, public servants and even form Queensland Premier Campbell Newman.

Mr Ellis tells Alan Jones it’s a “public relations exercise” that is aiming to “change the public point of view on this”.

He says it’s not Labor policies that are the issue, it’s all politicians.

“The sad thing is it’s the result of a total lack of balance in the debate on this subject.

“The blind following of so-called environmental objectives with an absence of any consideration for its economic impact.

“And it’s just madness.

“What’s troubling is, that is not debated.

“The impact of the CO2 mantra and the objectives being pursued by all politicians are not balanced against their¬†economic impact.”

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