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Former ABC managing director lashes out at broadcaster’s senior leadership

Former ABC managing director Jonathan Shier is lashing out at the broadcaster’s senior leadership as the organisation is engulfed in scandal.

He says it doesn’t have the spine for reform.

It all began with the sacking of managing director Michelle Guthrie halfway through her five-year-term.

Two days later it was revealed she was pushed by now-outgoing chairman Justin Milne to sack high profile journalists who were “hated” by government.

Mr Shier tells Steve Price the ABC’s board members, specifically Mr Milne, lack public broadcasting experience and appear to be overstepping their role.

“It’s outstanding that he (Justin Milne) should say that Guthrie should go because we need a different style of leadership.

“I think what’s come out in the last couple of days is his own style is highly questionable for chairman.

“The government has been significantly bad at appointing chairmen.

“The chairmen have not been trained in public service broadcasting. Most of them have had no experience in media, and generally, they haven’t been well equipped to do the job.”

“That’s just not suitable…the governing body of the ABC does not generally have the experience to do the job.”

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