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Football fans furious over World Cup ‘FLOPTUS’ failure

Angry World Cup fans are up in arms after Optus was hit by glitches to its hyped streaming service.

The telecommunications giant struck a deal with SBS two years ago, securing the rights to the FIFA World Cup.

But outages have been wreaking havoc with Optus’ coverage, prompting thousands of soccer fans to vent their anger on social media using the hashtag “FLOPTUS”.

Former Australian soccer player Andy Harper says he “sensed this was going to blow up” before the tournament began.

“This whole thing was always going to happen at some point because football fans, sports fans, weren’t ready to engage with whatever commercial deal had been done,” Andy tells Ben Fordham.

“They just wanted to turn on the tele and watch the football.

“It’s a disgrace that that’s not allowed to happen for them.”

Although football fans will be able to catch key games on free-to-air, only 25 out of 64 games will be aired on SBS.

Andy is questioning whether Australia’s anti-siphoning laws are operating properly.

“I have a philosophical problem with the fact that something as magnificent as the World Cup… is so difficult to access.”

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