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Sports Minister clarifies restrictions as crippled clubs react to ‘very good news’

Further easing of COVID-19 restrictions for community sports is being welcomed by embattled clubs.

Acting Minister for Sport Geoff Lee clarified the new rules, confirming to Deborah Knight spectator numbers will now depend entirely on the venue and the sport’s COVID-safe plan.

“My advice is use common sense at all times.

“The biggest risk is complacency … take as few people as possible. We don’t want granny to get sick, that’s for sure.”

Zone and regional competitions can also resume, but once again “non-essential adults should be excluded”.

“We want to make it as safe as possible.”

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Australian Sports Foundation CEO Patrick Walker told Deborah Knight “it’s very good news” for local clubs, especially with finals right around the corner.

“It’s the right decision at the right time: great to hear.

“It’s tight, but it’s doable.”

Many clubs still fear insolvency due to loss of corporate sponsorship he said, but the lifting of restrictions has somewhat eased the threat.

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