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Fair play?: ‘Mankading’ scandal divides cricket fans

Image: ABC News

The cricket world is split over a ‘Mankad’ dismissal in the Indian Premier League.

Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin was widely criticised after he ‘Mankaded’ English player Jos Butler.

‘Mankading’ occurs when a batsman leaves their crease early and the bowler hits the stumps, claiming an easy wicket.

The act is completely legal in cricket but has often been frowned upon as bad sportsmanship.

Former Test captain Ian Chappell tells Ben Fordham he has no sympathy for Jos Butler.

“Why is it that the bowler gets it in the neck and the batsman who’s basically trying to cheat, he’s the one who’s supposedly hard done by? Rubbish.

“I have no sympathy for him.”

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But former Australian captain Shane Warne has called the incident “disgraceful and embarrassing” in an online blow-up.

Ben Fordham has slammed Shane Warne’s comments, saying the play was perfectly legal.

“I don’t think Aussies should be lecturing anyone about the spirit of the game considering what happened 12 months ago.”

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