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Facebook page calls for “police officers’ heads on sticks”

A page calling for “police officers’ heads on sticks” and offering tutorials on how to make napalm, mustard gas and 3D guns has been removed from Facebook.

The Australians Filming Police verified page uploaded the post to more than 17,000 followers on January 6.

It stayed up for around four days before Facebook finally agreed to remove it.

NSW Police Minister Troy Grant joined Mark Levy to express his disgust at the post.

“Absolutely filthy, is probably the only word, and yes I have seen it and yes it has been taken down, but not good enough by any stretch of the imagination.

“It’s a terrible indictment on our community that, that many people are engaging in that sort of mentality.

“Our police do an amazing job, they put their lives on the line and to be treated with this level of disrespect is demoralising to be quite frank.

As for what can be done about social media websites allowing this sort of content, the minister explains it’s not easy to have material removed.

“We try and push these social media networks to be more responsible.

“This apparently didn’t breach their guidelines under the way they interpret it. How they came to that conclusion has got me absolutely stumped.”

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