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Facebook faces backlash following monumental data breach

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Facebook remains in hot water, with the company admitting at least 87 million users globally may have had their data improperly used.

Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg says they didn’t take a “broad enough view” of what their responsibilities were.

The company has also admitted some 311,000 Australians have had their data breached.

Now, our own privacy watchdog is investigating.

National Cyber Security Adviser Alastair MacGibbon says the community rightly expects better.

“What it shows to us is our data is extremely, extremely valuable.

“It’s… very important that these companies just grow up.

“The public rightly expects that they uphold community values and they’re just not.

“I’d like to see some maturity from these companies so that when we talk to them in future they understand their social and moral oblogations.”

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