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EXPOSED | Cops called after another baby formula buy up

Ben Fordham Exclusive

A listener has filmed the moment he confronted a couple loading more than 30 tins of baby formula from his car in Sydney’s south.

In footage (see below) sent exclusively to Ben Fordham, listener Anthony films the entire encounter which turns ugly.

Most major supermarkets have a two-tin limit per customers to ensure it’s available to all parents.

But some have been ignoring the rule and are taking what they can get their hands on.

WATCH | See the baby formula confrontation below

Just last month, footage was sent to Ben exposing shoppers rorting the system at a Woolworths in the same suburb.

Listener Anthony tells Ben it happens all the time.

“I don’t think this is fair what they’re doing.

“I know what it feels like going to the shop and you go there, and there’s no baby formula on the shelves.

“I just started filming him… and then he just went off, he went crazy.

“I ended up getting in my car, and they both stood in front of my car.”

Anthony says the Koala Kingdom Porter storefront shown in the video is a Chinese exporting business.

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Ben Fordham Exclusive